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With the metropolitan area moving and growing, the people behind the scenes have a key role. We are building a city of the future and keeping it moving today. Here at City Transport Ltd, we are proud to work for the benefit of the thousands of people who see the results of our work in their daily routines. With us, you get to see beneath the city’s surface and build a constantly developing urban area for tomorrow’s needs. Our employees possess a wide range of unique skills. Together, we keep the city’s wheels turning!

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We are the face of urban life

At City Transport Ltd, we look after our customers’ interests by keeping the city up and running and offering access to services equally to all residents. We can truly be proud of the results of our work being concretely visible in the everyday life of residents, smooth morning commutes and tourists’ travel experiences. Transport connects us all. City Transport Ltd is a part of the daily life of everyone moving about in the city.

Kuvituskuva HKL:n vihreästä raitiovaunusta Helsingin tuomiokirkon edessä.

With us, you get to see beneath the surface

Everyone can see the city above the ground. We get to see the city from angles only a few know about. The underground city for which we are responsible. The depots where the tramcars come to rest. The tables around which the future of the metropolitan area is determined. Because of these unique environments, we also have special skills. From the control rooms to the depots, we represent competence that cannot be found anywhere else in Finland.

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We are working for tomorrow

The core of our work is building future urban areas and new rail connections – with the environment and responsibility as our main focuses. The city’s growth requires long-term work. To do that work, we gather the best professionals who believe in constantly developing their skills. If you want to grow personally along with the city, it’s a good sign that City Transport Ltd could just be the workplace for you.

“Most people in Helsinki use the tram, metro or city bikes. Without us, they couldn’t travel.”


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City Transport Ltd in brief

City Transport Ltd makes millions of trips possible. We develop the city’s transport to ensure it remains operational in the future. We produce and develop sustainable transport services with high quality and cost-efficiency. We own the rail infrastructure in Helsinki and manage the operation of the metro, tram and Suomenlinna ferries, as well as Helsinki’s city bike service.

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